Table of Contents


  1. I can't connect to server when SSL is enabled.
    I always get an error like "Certificate is not trusted/recognized" or "java.microedition.error.pki.certificate".
  2. I can't send a mail. How should my SMTP settings be?
  3. I can't use Hotmail, why?
  4. What is my mail account's server settings?
  5. What mujMail can't do?
  6. I have a BlackBerry and I get "control flow verification information" error.
  7. I have a Nokia and when I connect to the server I get "connection timeout" error (maybe it happens with other brands as well).
  8. Touch screen don't work.
  9. I want to contribute to the mujMail source code. How can I create the project (MIDlet) in NETBEANS?
  10. How can I set up the language of the project (MIDlet) in NETBEANS?
  11. How to create project in Eclipse?




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