2002 - 2005 The project was originally based on Petr Spatka's and Pavel Machek's work. Which can be downloaded here + (source code).
2005 - 2006 Then it was developed and rewritten as a student project of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles university by Martin Stefan under Pavel Machek's supervision. Although there were some changes comparing to the Petr's version of MujMail, it was not well designed so the development was canceled.
2006 - 2007 One year later Nguyen Son Tung, who is also a student of the same faculty, entered the MujMail project. It was an impuls for both developers Tung and Martin to start working on the project from the beginning. Tung redesigned application's model. And all moduls were rewritten in order to reflect requirements of our project supervisor Pavel. The last version from this team was v1.07.
2008 - now In March 2008 a new team again under Pavel's supervision was established, consisting of 4 students of the same faculty. The students are Nguyen Tien Dung, David Hauzar, Pavel Jancik and Nodir Yuldashev. Their ambitions are to make mujMail fully competitive with any mobile email client out there.

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