Known bugs (ordered by priority to fix):

    IMAP4 doesn't download or delete a mail when UIDVALIDITY of a mailbox has changed.

20th February 2008

Version 1.07 build 20080220

  • Fixed: when a mail was sent it was moved both to the trash and the sentbox as well.
  • Enhancement: now you can create an alias/name to you email address so the recipients will see your name and email address as well.
    To create the alias, edit or create a email account (go to the Accounts tab, press create or edit), then rewrite the old email address format into this format: your name <youremail@somewhere.com>.
    An example, the old format: support@mujmail.org, will be changed into: mujmail team <support@mujmail.org>
  • When you reply to a mail, the from address will be automatically change to the email address of the account to which the mail was sent (useful when you have multiple accounts)
  • Many small Enhancement

  • We thank Ing. Ivan Petros and Nguyen Minh Vuong for their useful suggestions and reports.

22nd December

Version 1.06 build 20071221

  • Serious bug fixed when checking mails from an IMAP account (string index exception).
    We thank Nguyen Minh Vuong for reporting the bug.

28th October

Version 1.05 build 20071028

  • Serious bug fixed: mujMail didn't rememeber which mails where downloaded once and after deleting all mails in the Inbox the mails were downloaded again.
  • Fixed time displaying.
  • Enhancement: downloads the newest mails first

30th September

Version 1.04 build 20070930

  • Faster IMAP4 implementation.
  • The user can access many IMAP4 mailboxes(folders) of an account. These mailboxes can be defined when the user creates an IMAP4 account.
  • The user can define how many lines of a mail body he wants to download

31st August

Version 1.03 build 20070831

  • Fixed trash's sorting and inserting a contact from the addressbook.

28th August

Version 1.03 build 20070828

  • Fix folders' counter. Minor enhancements.

20th August

Version 1.03 build 20070820

  • Fixed some issues with the addressbook.
  • The user can select from which account an email shall be sent.
  • UTF-8, iso-8859-2/1, windows-1250 charset supported.
  • Settings's labels changed to be more understandable.

20th August

Version 1.01 build 20070820

  • Fixed header parsing.
  • The user can edit a message that will be forwarded.

19th August

Version 1.01 build 20070819

  • Fixed sending mails with utf-8 chars.

16th August

Version 1.01 build 20070818

  • Fixed the login problem when password contained space characters. We thank Gyuris Szabolcs for cooperation ;)

14th August

Version 1.01

  • Settings's labels changed to be more understandable.
  • Better buttons management.
  • Minor enhancements thanks to users' feedbacks.

10th August 2007

Version 1.0

  • Final release!! Yay!

25th July

Version 1.0RC1

  • Major release:
  • IMAP implemented.
  • Ability to redownload a mail or a concrete bodypart.
  • Partially downloaded bodypart (caused by out of RAM or database space) and bodypart's header can saved and viewed.
  • Most of MailForm rewritten - fixed all problems with bad parsing, correctlier behaviour.
  • Many small enhancements(displays encapsulated emails, reply all, faster downloading mail body, folder's busy counter actively changes..)
    and bug fixes(disappearimg of mails when out of database space).

15th May

Version 1.0beta6 build8

  • Fixed removing of HTML tags.
  • Fixed finding first text/HTML body part
  • Fixed guessing bodypart's size

14th May

Version 1.0beta5 build7

  • Function.removeTags() was moved to MailForm.
  • First letter vanishing bug fixed.

10th May

Version 1.0beta5 build6

  • Fixed bad handling mails with different charset from usascii, but maybe there are still other reasons causing the issue.

10th May

Version 1.0beta5 build5

  • Scaling image attachments.
  • Base64 encoded attachments should be displayed correctly.
  • Bug utf-8 charset, Base64 encoding fixed.

7th May

Version 1.0beta5 build4

  • Better code.
  • Problems with setRecord() and deleteRecord() seem common as KVM's bug: http://osdir.com/ml/java.sun.kvm/2004-03/msg00184.html http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7386

6th May

Version 1.0beta5 build3

  • Code tidying.

5th May

Version 1.0beta5 build2

  • Fixed problems with DB corruption. Old databases must be deleted in order to get it working.
  • Problem with sorting mails by date should be fixed
  • This version needs to be heavily tested though.

5th May

Version 1.0beta5

  • Connection model restructured - new class SocketConnection, which derives from BasicConnection created. Inprotocol and SMTP do not derive from BasicConnection, but instead they have a data member "BasicConnection connection".
  • Due to this critical change. This version needs to be heavily tested.

5th May

Version 1.0beta4-build1

  • Many enhancements. Supports SSL, but the fone (emulator) must have installed a certificate of that mail server.
  • Due to this critical change, this version needs to be heavy tested.

27th April

Version 1.0beta3-build6

  • MIDlet pause/resume fixed.
  • Minor changes in AddressBook & TheBox.

26th April

Version 1.0beta3-build5

  • Latin1, Latin2, Windows 1250, UTF-8 charsets should be decoded.
  • Some diacritics errors in header fields fixed.
  • Count replies bug fixed.
  • Displaying replies fixed.

25th April

Version 1.0beta3-build4

  • BasicConnection.unGetLine() fixed.

25th April

Version 1.0beta3-build3

  • MujMail.commandAction() improved.

22th April

Version 1.0beta3-build2

  • Fixed and improved mailparsing(multi-line fields supported).
  • Faster loading from DB
  • Faster sorting
  • New alert handling (use a queue to display multiple alerts invoked in a short time)
  • Many minor changes

20th April

Version 1.0beta3-build1

  • Thread synchronization improved.

19th April

Version 1.0beta2-build9

  • Should resolve multiline subject and content-type fields.
  • HTML tags are stripped off.

19th April

Version 1.0beta2-build8

  • Very minor enhancement to date parsing.

18th April

Version 1.0beta2-build7

  • Should resolve deadlock by calling "Servers sync" immediately after "Delete mails

17th April

Version 1.0beta2-build6

  • Server->InBox Sync feature added. Makes an exact copy of mailbox of servers - Downloads all mailsof active accounts to the phone; and then deletes all mails that are no longer on the servers but are still stored on the phone by previous season, as well as mails of inactive or deleted accounts
  • Changes to make it more thread safe
  • New icons

15th April

Version 1.0beta2-build5

  • Better date parsing, supports timezone. Decoding needs slightly less RAM. Minor changes.

13th April

Version 1.0beta2-build4

  • Fixed mailForm's loss the last line. But mailFrom's text parsing still needs revision!

13th April

Version 1.0beta2-build3

  • Fixed addressbook saving and auto-adding contact
  • minor improvements

13th April

Version 1.0beta2-build2

  • Fixed mails database implementation:
    -synchronization added to MailDB.saveHeader(), 2 headers could have the same recordID, if saving occurs simultaneously in 2 different threads. Maybe its the reason for corrupted DB.
    -database-leak for lastSafeMail.
    -headers loading MailDB.loadHeaders() now continues to load another header after an unsuccessful one.
    -MailDB._deleteMails() could freeze after an unsuccesfull atempt to delete one header.
  • Changed ticker for InBox

7th April

Version 1.0beta2-build1

  • Fixed database implementation - functions usually forget to close a file after having an exception => inability to clear the database.

4th April

Version 1.0beta1-build8

  • Fixed: mailForm text overflow, skip first character of some line, inefficient using of StringBuffer.
  • MailForm.parseTextToDisplay() needs revision:
    - might not work on line where are a lot of space and tab character, that may take even a whole line
    - still leaves the last line of the display blank.

4th April

Version 1.0beta1-build7

  • Fixed dipslaying mails("\r" is removed from the mail body) on some nokias. Minor changes in TheBox, MailDB.

4th April

Version 1.0beta1-build6

  • Bug fixed: text overflow in MailForm. I hope definitely :-).
  • MailForm parsing text faster and safer.
  • Bug fixed: While trying to read an empty text attachment, it throwed NullPointerException.
  • Some icons changed and old icons moved to backup directory

2nd April

Version 1.0beta1-build5

  • Fixed TheBox.paintProgress(), minor enhancements.

2nd April

Version 1.0beta1-build4

  • Fixed mail time viewing in the ticker, calling many alert at once causes a crash.

1st April

Version 1.0beta1-build3

  • Much faster ticker for TheBox - redraws only the necessary item (Menu not changed yet as it has less items per display, so its not so crucial to be changed).

1st April

Version 1.0beta-build2

  • TheBox: bug caused by javas default automatic redrawing canvas after pressing a button could create uninitialized null pointers (mail.info).

31th March

Version 1.0beta-build1

  • Faster, better ticker
  • Bug fixes: inability to delete a database after checking its space left.
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes, but i cant recall them anymore :).

30th March

Version 1.0alpha5

  • Decodes quoted-printable in BodyParts.
  • Decodes basic 8-bit charsets latin-1, latin-2, windows-1250
  • Parses and decodes a multiline subject.

30th March

Version 1.0alpha4

  • Should handle extreme situations
  • Safe mode added - store mail's body to a temporary RMS file and recycles it to avoid RMS no space conflicts. Good for old phones with small storage space
  • Respects "status, xstatus" (read, replied) from server
  • Tab Inbox changed to be an item in Action tab
  • Fonts size of mailForm can be changed "on the fly" by pressing "7"
  • Changes in graphics
  • Known bug: MailForm's last line of the display is not used, empty, text over-flow again. Ticker very slow at a box having more mails

28th March

Version 1.0alpha3

  • Fixed error concernig pressing "*" and "#" immedietly after each other.
  • Delay beetween two strokes of actionkeys was increased to 3sec.
  • Displaying of actionkeys in Menu was made better.
  • Fixed bug: not displaying ends of e-mail bodies.

20th Mar

Version 1.0alpha2

  • Added "Clear databases" and "Disconnect" actions.
  • Fixed delete progressbar, forced disconnect, sending single mail.

19th Mar

Version 1.0alpha2

  • Fixed MailForm scrollbar, text overflow.

19th Mar

Version 0.9.11S

  • Fixed deleting mails - Synchronizing between TheBox.paint() and MailDB._deleteMails() needed.

19th Mar

Version 0.9.10S

  • New mail icons (attachment, failed send, sent, ...)
  • Bug: MailForm text overflow.
  • MailForm not opthimalized yet.

17th Mar

Version 0.9.9S

  • Enhancements: TheBox and Menu draws ticker correctlier.
    POP sends STAT (NOOP is not supported everywhere) to server every 30sec to keeps and check wether the connection's alive, to avoid long reconnecting (sometimes takes 10secs) - so we quite need the "Disconnect" item in menu now, in case the user wants to disconnect.
  • bug fixed: SMTP couldnt delete sent mails. Invalid user input may cause a crash (Settings..). Menu and TheBox tickering crashed when a mail is deleted or an item shortened

16th Mar

Version 0.9.8S

  • Bug fixes: Inprotocol bad boundary parsing

16th Mar

Version 0.9.7S

  • MailForm's font size is setable.
    But still some line that doen't fit to the screen is not wraped and overflows the screen (see mail "Einladung zu der Bordland"). The bug seems like sometimes if a line is wraped to 2 lines or 2 displayes then the first space character of the second line is forgotten - its width is not counted and also its not printed on the screen.
  • theBox.paint() enhanced

15th Mar

Version 0.9.6S

  • Fixes: TheBox - forwarding, buttons; MailForm - mails with application type bodypart; AccountSettings - saving the same account, deleting the last account then pressing edit caused a crash; InProtocol - bad mail parsing
  • Faster mail-deleting

14th Mar

Version 0.9.5S

  • Bugs in the MailForm and AccountSettings fixed.
  • Able to save email addresses to addressbook.
  • Moving items in the Menu.
  • Repaired icons.

14th Mar

Version 0.9.4S

  • New icons in menu.

14th Mar

Version 0.9.3S

  • Bug fixes: InProtocol, MailForm bad text parsing.
  • New features: TheBox has tickering efect for long subject or addresses. Cursor is set to the first unread mail. Inbox autodeletes marked mails. More efficient sorting.

12th Mar

Version 0.9.2S

  • Improved buttons, alert, progress management.
  • Minor bugs fix.

10th Mar

Version 0.9.1S

  • vylepseny forwarding.

9th Mar

Version 0.9S

  • Zunifikovany zpusob Error Handling u vsech souboru:
    tzn, ze vyjimka, ktera by byla podle uvazeni vhodna a uzitecna pro informovani vyssich funkci, bude vytvorena v souboru MyException se svym errorCode a hlaskou.
  • Zunifikovany zpusob vypsani native language textu.
    Pro kazdy jazyk jsou definovany stejne jazykove konstanty, ktere lezi v souboru Lang.java. Prevedeni techto konstant na String se provede zavolanim fce Lang.get(Lang.Constata).
    Kazda text, tlacitko, ci alert by tam mel byt definovan. Jsou tam tez nektere Error a warningy, ktere nejsou treba vyhazovat na stack, ale pouze upozornit uzivateli.
    Nektere hlasky lze kombinovat, aby se nemusely vytvaret nove konstanty a usetrilo se RAM na heapu, pr:
    loading accounts..failed se udela Lang.get(Lang.LoadingAccounts) + get(Lang.Failed).
    Ale nebudem zas tak prehanet s temi kombinacemi :), kod vypada potom osklive a v nekterych jazycich jsou i pady (Error+Loading+Accounts+Failed)
  • Novy zpusob Pollingu
  • Opraveny bugy: mazani priloh u zprav, addressbook kradl focus, na normalnich mobilech nesel vytvorit ani editovat ucet (ztratilo se focus).

7th Mar

Version 0.8.4S

  • Should resolve all problems with POP3 now.

7th Mar

Version 0.8.3S

  • Bug fix: sending mail with invaline newlines. Recievieng and parsing complete mails.
  • Minor changes in Menu, BasicConnection

4th Mar

Version 0.8.2S

  • Opraveny bugy:
    invalid mime a padnuti to s nim. crash pri rychle prehravani hudby za sebou
  • Pridano trideni
  • V boxech tlacitko 3 oznaci zpravu jako ne/prectenou. Radky jsou opet LINUXovy

4th Mar

Version 0.8.1S

  • opraven TheBox.paint() - umisteni ikonek

4th Mar

Version 0.8S

  • Stabilizace a opraveni novych trid.
    (Prazdne taby krachuji, nekolikanasobna polozka v addressbooku, zmeny uctu,
    vypis hvezdicek u hesel se stale prodluzoval tim +=, POP padnul, kdyz byl ilegal mime)
  • Smazana trida Lang. Zadne Lang.lang, konece :).
  • PrimaryEmail se vypisuje a meni se podle toho co se dela se uctem.
    Prvni existujici ucet je nastaven jako primary. Ma i hezky ikonky od Martina.
  • MessageHeader ma Flag replied, je pridruzen k MessageHeader.sentStatus, stara se o nej SMTP
  • Dulezita zmena: Settings ma od nyni verzi, pokud zmenime strukturu nastaveni - treba pridame novou polozku,
    je treba zmenit versi Settings, aby to nekrachlo pri loadovani existenci starse verze databazoveho souboru. Cisluje je podle datumu
  • Inbox ma counter pro prectene zpravy InBox.unreadMails. Nemusi se prochazet cely vector. O se stara MailForm a Inprotocol.
  • Hodnoty tridy settings jsou staticke, aby se dalo k nim pristupovat i bez referenci na jeji instanci.

3rd Mar

Version 0.7.10D

  • nove ikonky pro menu a aktivni a primary ucty
  • pridany nejake polozky k Settings, dle todo
  • opraveny nejake chyby v AccountSettings, Settings, MujMail.startApp(), InBox.retrieve()

2nd Mar

Version 0.7.9D

  • Novy menu, accounts system, settings, mailForm, addressbook
    velmi nestabilni! ale very promising :)

2nd Mar

Version 0.7.8D

  • komplet menu vcetne UTILS
  • pridana trida Settings.java
  • pridana trida AccountSettings
  • obsahuje chyby

24th Feb

Version 0.7.5S

  • novy zpusob Error a Exception handling, pridana nova trida MyException.java. Veci by meli behat bezpecneji (mozna i rycheji).
  • trida MyAlert lezi samostatne v MyAlert.java
  • premenovani MailManipulate.java na Functions.java
  • graficky zmeny v Boxich, navic tlacitko # preskoci 1stranku vypisu boxu niz, * vys (neco jako pageup/pagedown)
  • dekodovuje base64 hned pri 1 parsovani mailu a ulozi se tak. Prilohy od priste zobrazuji rychleji. pridano MailDB.loadBodypartEncoded() a MessageHeader.getBpEncodedContent() , MailDB.saveBodypart(ByteArrayOutputStream body)
  • v Inbox tlacitkem "Quoted reply" lze odpoved na dany mail s jeho quotovanym textem.
  • pri psani mailu, pokud se omylem zmackne "cancel", tak obsah Sendmailu se nesmaze a zustane tam nadale. SendMail ma i tlacitko "Clear".
  • Prepsana fce MujMail.LoadAccounts(). Slouceni hashtable.servers a vector.mailAccounts do hashtable.mailAccounts - kazdy jeho prvek (instance tridy MailAccount) ma pointer MailAccount.protocol na konkretni server.
    Takze pokud smaze nejaky ucet, nespadne to.
  • opraveny nektery predchozi bugy a jine mensi zmeny (mozna se objevily i nove bugy :) :
    -mailForm nezobrazuje HMTL maily pokud uz byly jednou stazeny - if (bp.bodypartType == MessageHeader.TYPE_TEXT) melo by tam byt i TYPE_HTML
    -pri editaci v Draftu se po odeslani toho mailu nedarilo ho presunout do Outboxu.
    -SMTP manipuluje jenom s OutBox.storage, nevlastni zadny svuj container.
    -vadne hlavicky bez polozky "To:" lze tez prijmout. Mail bez tela a subject taky OK.
  • Czech changelog :)

19th Dec

Version 0.7.1S

  • Bug fixed: not enough of RAM would cause inability to read other mails.
    Mails of deleted accounts cause MailForm waiting forever.
  • Version based on 0.6.8.
  • Some small changes.

14th Dec

Version 0.7S

  • Version based on 0.6.5.
  • Bux: corrected parsing of bodypart type in InProtocol.parseBody() metheod. In case of MULTIPART message, it stored only TYPE_OTHER.
  • MailForms is able to display plain text bodies, images (PNG, JPG, GIF), text attachments and HTML attachments as a text.
  • Possible to delete separate BodyParts.
  • Removed some senseless commands, that are in MailForm class.
  • Displaying both header and bodypart details in own form.
  • Small change in Decode.decodBase64().
  • New icons for attachments added.
  • Resizing of images has not been implemented yet.

14th Dec

Version 0.6.8S

  • Minor bugs fixed - bad body parsing.

12th Dec

Version 0.6.7S

  • Everything is safe, stopable and fully working(except MailForm). Major bugs fixed.

11th Dec

Version 0.6.5S

  • POP even more faster. Was never so fast ;)!
  • Many changes and enhancements

10th Dec

Version 0.6S

  • POP is a lot faster now. Nice progress checksum added.
  • Serious bug of MailForm fixed, MailForm viewMessage() must be run in a different thread!
    See the note at MailForm.viewMessage() comment.
  • Serious bug fixed - crashing when no account settings presented on the device.
  • Fixed cursor of theBox.paint(), chaos order of mails in theBox each time fixed.
  • TheBox can sort now!
  • Better buttons management
  • Class Draft deleted

6th Dec

Version 0.5.7bS

  • Tabs, spaces and newlines; { on a newline, space between ident and ( corrected to Pavel's taste :)

5th Dec

(Mikulas :)

Version 0.5.7S

  • Very serious bug - it did not save fully downloaded(bodyparts included) mails to the DB fixed.

4th Dec

Version 0.5.6S

  • fully working integration of MailForm
  • very minor changes

3rd Dec

Version 0.5.5S

  • method MailManipulated.getStrToLong() added for parsing time in headers
  • Class MyAlert created - useful for displaying confirmations, and alerts
  • Polling added
  • bug fixes

2nd Dec

Version 0.5S

  • General code tidying and improving
  • Class MailConnection, progress, poll, sentBox and others deleted. Class AccountSettings renamed to Settings
  • Class TheBox is no more abstract and Runnable
  • Class BasicConnection, SMTP created; Class Server renamed to InProtocol. BasicConnection is the base class for them
  • Class MailDB simplified. Now saving and deleting is immediate after some action - safer and faster then browsing whole vector
  • POP and InProtocol enhaced, simplified - user doesnt have to wait, better massive deleting, better downloading bodies...
  • Proper progress and mails in folders showing
  • Timeout and user interruption during communication with the server added
  • Unlimited email accounts supported - they are stored in MujMail.MailAccounts.
    Each account has its own server in hashtable MujMail.Servers - no need to initiated a new Connection eachtime
  • Better massive mail sending - no more disconnecting after sending one single mail, no more creating new Connection each time. OutBox and Draft has its own SMPT object
  • InBox has a hash table msgIDs to map and cache already downloaded mails.
  • TheBox has a hash table deleted to map mails that are going to be deleted.
  • Replying and forwarding in inBox added
  • Class MailAccount for SMTP, IMAP, POP3 accounts created
  • Basics for accounts and servers loading defined
  • method MailDB.spaceLeft(theBox) for information about space left in DB added
  • Many other and fixes

28th Nov

Version 0.4S

  • Brand new Inbox, Server and POP class. Now fetches body parts and saves it to the DB
  • MessgeHeader class redefined.
  • Polling removed - its gonna be implemented in Server class.
  • note: this version is not merged with version 0.3.2S yet

28th Nov

Version 0.3.2S

  • Some bugs fixed in the TheBox class. It showed incorrectly a bigger number of mails.
  • MailForm was upgraded to show header details, which are appended at the end of the textual part of the message.

21th Nov

Version 0.3.1S

  • Minor changes and enhacments. MessageHeader has a new method getTimeStr() to get a String form of MessageHeader.time.

19th Nov

Version 0.3S

  • MailForm is stable in displaying plain text but there might occure some problems with listing PNG attachments and their detail view, because it have to be tested after Inbox class is ready.
  • View command added to TheBox. Its task is to show first plain-text part of the message.
  • MailForm can list e-mail addresses in a MULTIPLE list object. This will later allow us to add them to the address book. There are both sender's and recepients' addresses

17th Nov

Version 0.2S

  • Bug fixes: pressing down and up in empty box crashes. Pressing "send now" in main menu retrives mails. Progressbar is not correct
  • Added features: proper editation of mails in Draft, Bcc and Ccc support.
  • Pressing "5" in inbox, shouldnt cause freezing anymore.
  • Ability to send a mail to many people at once, instead of one adress we can use a adress list, ie: ahoj@seznam.cz, bye@centrum.cz
  • Ability to write nickname in email adrresses, ie: "dlouhy meno" <ahoj@seznam.cz>, kratky <ahoj2@seznam.cz>.
  • Minor changes and fixes.

15th Nov

Version 0.1S(stable)

  • Trivial but serious bug fixed: freezing when no mails are inbox.
  • MailDB now saves headers correctly, faster.
  • Mail sending enhaced: -successful sending is assured by responses of the server. SendMail form's sending functionality removed - all sendings use outBox methods. Sends "Date:" to the Server to have mail's date correctly diplayed. Responses of the server added to progress bar.
  • Cursos of TheBox improved - continues from the end to the beginning and vice versa.
  • MessageHeader's minor changes: flag STORED means that only the header was saved, it doesnt imply that body parts are also saved! To check it out whether body parts (and thus body parts' headers were created) are saved we use:
    if( getBodyPartCount() > 0)
  • Displaying mails by canvas not included, because is not fully tested yet.

14th Nov

Version 0.1D(dev)

  • Functionality of Folders
  • Ability to store mails to a RecordStore
  • Displaying message bodies with their PNG attachments

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