Development in Eclipse


How to prepare workspace

  1. Check J2ME (WTK) configuration in Eclipse:
    in Window -> Preferences -> Java ME -> Device Management
    check if there is Installed SDK
    see screenshot for expected result (PNG 24kB)
  2. Checkout project from repository:
    1. rigth click in package explorer view
    2. import
    3. SVN -> Checkout Project from SVN
    4. select Create a new repository location.
    5. URL is: https://javaphone.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/javaphone/mujMail
    6. select folder EclipseProject
    7. select project name (can be changed f.e. to "MujMail")
    8. finish
  3. Project is now downloaded but Eclipse shows some errors and it's OK for now.
    Navigate to your Eclipse workspace using command line or explorer (in Windows) and run download_sources.bat - it downloads the sources.

    Note: if you run this batch file from Eclipse, the sources are downloaded to Eclipse home directory instead of MujMail project.
  4. Refresh project in Eclipse (select folder and press F5)
  5. Rebuild project: Project -> Clean... and you are done.

Known problems

* versions are actual for 24. march 2009

If you like mujMail please spread the words about it.
By doing so you encourage us and the development of the program ;)